Ahhhh...the Myth of Life Balance

21 Days + 5 minutes per day =
increased productivity, energy+ fulfillment

In my opinion, achieving balance between my personal life and work has been a heartfelt challenge for many years.

The fact is that when we set lofty goals on top of our already jammed packed schedule, and we live daily with a to-do list that is exhausting to look at…

how in the world can you make it all balance?

The answer is that you can't

Unless you’re super human or have a huge staff to delegate to, it’s not possible to balance everything with growing your business, nurturing your family, keeping yourself healthy emotionally / physically / mentally and also achieve all the goals you set.

BUT, we can find harmony between our demanding work and our personal life.

So what is life harmony?
It’s a term that’s hard to define because it’s different for each of us.
The easiest way to define it is to think about what your life looks like when it’s not in harmony.

Here’s what life harmony means to me:  it’s a journey where I learn and grow and become more efficient and effective so I can devote more time to the things I love. Whatever your definition of life harmony, in order to achieve it, you need to know what you want and what moves and inspires you.

Remember the Roly Poly blow up doll when you were a child – the one that you could punch and it would bounce back?  It bounced back because it was balanced at the core.  So no matter how the winds blow, you bounce back. Do you feel balanced at your core?

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