The 4 Pillars Of Career Success

Reaching success as a Realtor® is a combination of
head, heart and soul

Overcome The Obstacles To Your Goals

Get Past the Biggest Productivity Killers For Good

Your Targets

We all want to close more deals fast while creating meaningful and lasting relationships with our clients. It gives us sustainable income, eliminates the peaks and valleys that are so typical in this industry and it ultimately offers a deep referral system for future business.

Knowing your targets is about clarifying what you want and don’t want. Learn to manage your energy and not waste it worrying about on what may or may not happen.

Visualizing the outcome you want creates a chemical response in the body. You’ll either feel excited and happy or anxious and stressed…and these emotions will guide your thoughts.

Learning what lights you up and then taking inspired action in that direction is what will allow you to have an abundant, fulfilling and happy life as well as a thriving business. That’s why this exercise is so incredibly important to master.

Your Systems

Reinventing the wheel with each transaction is a waste of time and energy.

Not having systems in place that you can track everything you do is when mistakes are made, things fall through the cracks and you’re always in a state of stress and anxiety trying to keep deals together while putting out fires.

Having a fulfilling life is about gaining a level of equanimity, eliminating the peaks and valleys, where anyone can step in for you in your business if you end up under a bus ~ Heaven forbid! 

It’s about setting up your business so it can run smoothly while you’re away on vacation with family or friends.

Your Numbers

Along with knowing your targets and establishing systems comes knowing your numbers.

So many agents I have coached will lament that they aren’t “numbers people” or that they don’t regularly stay in tune with their financials.

Being clear about the numbers you want to hit in the future, the time frame for those goals and the numbers you’re currently hitting is essential to the foundation of your business. When you stop being clear in this area, it’s like letting the maintenance fall behind on a building: eventually it starts to wear down and crumble.

Getting clear on your numbers gives you a roadmap. With the tools available today, it’s easier than ever to make this easy for you.agents

Your Vision

Visioning (or visualization) creates the energy to feel excited and happy or anxious and stressed about what you’re doing.

Visualization causes an emotional response from the pictures and sounds you hold in your mind as you get excited about a goal. This emotional response is energy – and this energy draws your focus, creating a cycle that builds stronger emotion and increasing energy.

Your energy is the currency you need to get results in your life. It’s not as “tangible” as numbers or systems, but understanding how to utilize it is the final pillar in your career success.

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