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Running a real estate business takes hard work. Frustration, overwhelm and stress often dominate your emotions. You might feel like you’re failing your clients, or your family. When the limits of your bandwidth are already stretched, you can’t imagine working harder. But somehow you still aren’t making the money you want to make. You might see others “making it’ and you ask, “why not me??” It’s not that you’re not trying. You’re doing everything you know to do, but the more time passes, the more it eats away at your confidence. Deep inside, you know you’ve got it in you. If you want to keep growing your business and income (but can’t imagine doing more), let me show you how.

I’m familiar with the hustle…and how to break through it.

My real estate success had a very rocky start.

I’m Norma Stratton, and in 1986 I chose real estate so that I could live the dream of being my own boss, set my own hours, make the income I wanted and have the flexibility and time for the important things in my life.

But instead, I spent almost a decade spinning my wheels, working 6-7 days a week, feeling mom-guilt about not being around our young daughter and not bringing in the income I thought I would.

After years of personal struggle, I found the way to my first breakthrough: a coach to mentor me off the feast and famine cycle, that’s so prevalent in our industry, and onto a 6-figure path. 

And that's what I want for you

Make it easier!

What would your business be like if it were easier?

Make it easier!

What would your business be like if it were easier?

For the past several years, I’ve made it my mission to help agents achieve the results that, at one point, seemed almost impossible to achieve. It’s why I created Big Income Breakthrough: to help agents have a business they love that loves them back!

In 2014, I designed and tested a system with agents I was coaching. I created a 3-part program to help you create a business that’s fun, fulfilling AND sustainable over the long term. It builds a foundation so that you control your income and time, and live the dream that drew you into real estate.

The best part is, you don't have to do it alone!

More Efficiency

Less hustle

We'll create a system that creates sustainable growth and profit

Together, we’ll create a fulfilling business that’s aligned with what you want

As a Realtor®, you DON’T have to choose between having a fun, thriving business that excites and supports you financially AND having a great life. I figured out how to do it, and I did it.

And so can you!

That’s why I created this program.

Imagine three months from now, you’ll have a clearly defined action plan that puts your life back on track and the business on a solid 6-figure path.

The same way you can’t build an apartment building on the foundation of a house, you can’t build a 6-figure business on a 5-figure platform.

  • You’ll learn a simple 3-step process that makes real estate fun and more effortless than it has ever been.
  • You’ll have a strategic plan to take control of your business and break through your income ceiling.
  • You’ll become the confident, energized and focused agent that you know you can be and rock your business in 12-weeks or less.

Impressive Results

Sustainable success

Big Income Breakthrough is about the Outer Game, the Inner Game and the Higher Game of Real Estate

Part 1: You'll discover actionable strategies so you can get into action and start making money!

You’ll give structure to your big vision by setting up the framework to choose which strategies will move you towards your big vision.

You’ll define your path to freedom (your business plan) and choose your destination (your goals –minimum-target-stretch). These will give you focus and the confidence you need to get into momentum and to the next level.

You’ll learn how to manage your agenda.

You’ll create an Inspired Action Schedule to support your vision and goals instead of spending time putting out fires.

Part 2: It’s all about Focus, Strategies, Implementation and Momentum.

You’ll get clear on your vision: what you do and why so that you can give life to what lights you up and moves you.

You’ll begin creating a business and life that’s fulfilling and meaningful.

You’ll learn to align the 5 pillars for a magical life: values, beliefs, habits, commitments and actions that make your dream a reality.

You’ll begin building the foundation for your business that will give you power over your destiny.

Part 3: You'll clarify and ignite what’s possible.

You'll create a framework to begin thinking about what your business will look like if you continue to add the right systems, boundaries and commitments to your vision.

You’ll get clear on your outcomes and create the bigger picture of what you want your business to be in the next 5-10 years.

You’ll learn how to create systems for everything. Systems allow your business to run smoothly and efficiently. You’ll set up processes and workflows for everything in your business (Leads/Buyers/Sellers/Investors) to increase efficiencies, increase production and work less.

You’ll learn how to set priorities so that your reclaim your time and energy for more personal freedom.


The 12-week program kicks off in June 2020. Hop on the fast track now!

You’ll be guided each week with program materials, step-by-step guides, and Q&A calls. 

You’ll also get 2 one-on-one personal coaching calls with me, Norma, to guide and support you along the way.

Pay in full today - $1997 and get my Fast Action Bonus!

Leap into 6-figures: Create Your Ultimate Inspired Business Plan of Action in a 2-hour Private Consultation (Value – $250.00)
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In 12 Weeks or Less, You’ll Find That You’ll Be Able To…


Pull back from the day-to-day hustle to connect again to why you started in the business, what you want out of it now, and what you want a year from now so you re-center and get specific.


In today’s world, it’s easier than ever to create a framework so that you don’t get lost in distraction chasing the next tool or app. You’ll have the system for knowing what to do each day that ensures you create a business that gives you immense freedom.


Whether you’re worried about how to maintain past success, or you’re not sure what to change to make your goals, you can lose confidence or burnout. It happens to many in our industry. I’ve survived it and helped others to avoid it. This program will help you get your groove back.


Have you watched others achieve your dream and think, “Why not me?” This is your invitation to leave frustration, struggle and exhaustion behind to create a business that’s fulfilling, rewarding and fun.

With my 100% Guarantee, you have nothing to lose

I’m committed to helping you create a business that feels aligned with your goals and your lifestyle. By joining my Big Income Breakthrough program, I’ll work with you to build the path to do so. If you enroll and participate fully, schedule and attend your private mentoring session during the 1st 30 days and you don’t feel you’ve received value, I’m happy to issue you a 100% guarantee in the first 30 days—you risk nothing by signing up today.

You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

You’ve worked this hard to get to where you are. Instead of working harder, let’s create the way for you to enjoy more, earn more and stress less.

Excitement and Joy

The right information at the right time can help you achieve and exceed your biggest goals

Say Yes to Yourself! Join Me in Big Income Breakthrough

Three months from now you’ll be clear on what turns you on, what’s missing from your life and business and what you can do about it. Each week you’ll receive materials and lessons delivered straight to your inbox, to keep it easy.

You’ll get live support along the way with our group calls so that, every other week, you’re taking action and implementing as you go. By the end of the program, you’ll have a clearly defined action plan that puts your business on a solid, 6-figure path and begin to take your life back–so you never miss a recital, ball game or an important family event again.

You’ll get two personal, confidential coaching calls where I’ll help ensure you have what you need to set up your system for success. You’ll be supported as you make adjustments to build your business so that it’s fun, fulfilling and sustainable.

PLUS Get THREE BONUSES For an Even Greater Impact!

Invitation to the Exclusive VIP Retreat
($997 value)

You’ll get an invitation to my one day, in-person, VIP Retreat in 2020. This retreat will take what you’ve learned in the course a step further: you’ll learn how to manage the times in the future if you feel uninspired, and what steps to take to work through it efficiently.

We’ll cover a range of personal habits and common hurdles that get in your way, and how to easily create the success habits that support your vision, as well as how to plan for challenges that may arise so you stay on course.

Private Social Media and Website Assessment
($794) value

Social media is the most powerful marketing tool, ever. But is it working for you? How about your website—is it generating leads for you?

For many Real Estate Agents, social media isn’t working for them. In fact, many wonder why they are even doing it.  And their websites aren’t much more than online brochures.

As a member of Big Income Breakthrough, you’ll receive an in-depth review of your Facebook and LinkedIn and of your website, from an expert in my high performance marketing mastermind circle. He’ll guide you on how to use social media effectively, to build credibility and leads with authenticity.

You’ll learn what works, how to improve and what to avoid to make the most of social media for your business.

And you’ll receive an assessment of your website. Is it delivering what you hoped it would?

Discover Where Hidden Money Karma Is Limiting Your Business
($750 value)

Receive a personal Money Karma diagnosis and discover your secret blockages to business and financial success by Abby Rohrer, Spiritual Healer and creator of Clear Your Money Karma. Did you know that your hidden Money Karma can keep you stuck, or slow you down and that there is a way that you can energetically prime your real estate business to thrive? As a member of Big Income Breakthrough program you’ll learn:
  • How you can eliminate deep-seated fears and beliefs about money, debt and selling.
  • How you can become a “Money Magnet” to double or even triple your income and break through YOUR personal hidden barriers to creating wealth.
And in addition, you’ll receive two powerful clearings: Lifting and Clearing for any money earning and any sales-limiting ceilings.


The 12-week program kicks off in June 2020. Hop on the fast track now.

You’ll be guided each week with program materials, step-by-step guides, and Q&A calls. You’ll also get 2 one-on-one personal coaching calls with me, Norma, to guide and support you along the way.

NAR data shows that there’s a bigger than ever gap between the Real Estate Agent Haves and the Have-Nots, between the agents making Big Incomes, and The Rest.

Average incomes for Real Estate Agents hover around $30,000 per year. That’s not sustainable.

2 out of 3 Real Estate Agents don’t make it, they never earn enough.

Where do you want to be in 2020?

Pay in full today - $1997 and get my Fast Action Bonus!

Leap into 6-figures: Create Your Ultimate Inspired Business Plan of Action in a 2-hour Private Consultation (Value – $250.00)
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